Personal Training

A Post-Therapy Step Toward Wholeness

Our personal training program is available to RHC patients and non-patients alike and is one of the Physical Therapy Plus services we offer our patients as a step toward healing and increased quality of life. Typically, a patient completes their physical therapy program then seeks out help in other areas, including personal training. This is because, during therapy, we allow our patients free use of our gym on the days they are not in physical therapy. They may also choose to come in early or stay later if they want a little extra on their treatment days. This allows our therapists to teach patients how to use good mechanics in all aspects of their exercise program.

When we make a referral to our personal trainer, the therapist and trainer sit down and discuss areas of concern and parameters that must be in place to enhance and protect the patient.

Patients do not need to meet any physical requirements for personal training, but if they have additional health concerns a doctor’s clearance may be required.