Post PT Gym Program

Helping to Develop a Lifestyle of Fitness

Patients who have never been involved in a regular exercise program can be intimidated by local gyms and overwhelmed with the amount of options they might have to choose from. RHC’s 30-day Post-Therapy Gym Program capitalizes not only on a patient’s familiarity with RHC’s staff and facility but also provides an educated eye to get the patient over the many hurdles to regular exercise.

Developing a lifestyle of fitness takes time and encouragement. Research shows that it takes 3-6 months for an exercise program to become a lifestyle change. We realize how much time patients invest in getting better, so we wanted to offer an incentive for them to continue with their program in the hope that they will take the next step toward healing and wholeness. In today’s ever-changing insurance environment, patients may have limited physical therapy visits, so with the gym program we can also space out sessions and have the patients come in for a no-charge visit to use the facility to do their exercises. This allows time for them to reach different strength levels so we can use scheduled visits for rechecks, progressions and problem solving.

The free 30-day Post PT Gym Program, combined with regular physical therapy, helps patients  get closer to the 3 month-mark that is necessary for habits to become a lifestyle change.